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Music Studio

Composition and Production
Analogue and Digital Workflows
Ableton Live Suive & Mac DAW

Opfikon (Zürich) 2023


It is in these places that something magical always happens. Here, experimentation is possible, trying what no one else has dared is privileged, creating a unique sound is the goal. I have everything here to turn the most craziest ideas into music.

Electronic Live Music

In addition, my analog installation allows to compose, produce and record songs live. This means bringing a human touch to music produced by machines. Playing machines as a musician plays an instrument.

Creative Workflows

I had the chance to move my studio 14 times in 3 countries. Switching from home studios and pro studios, it gave me the opportunity to rethink and optimize the creative process. I'm looking forward to seeing you there." Patrick. (Archive and souvenirs pictures below 😀)

Uitikon (Zürich) 2019

Vienna, Austria 2015

Waldegg (Zürich) 2012

Glattbrugg (Zürich) 2010

Glattbrugg (Zürich) 2009

Satigny (Geneva) 2008

Onex (Geneva) 2005

Berlin, Germany 2004

Carouge (Geneva) 2003

Carouge (Geneva) 2000 with co-producer D.Paez

Eaux-vives (Geneva) 1998



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