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Often alone, multi-instrumentalists and sound technicians, today's musicians must at the same time be aware of new trends, while keeping a space of artistic freedom, specific to their identity, their personalities and the messages they want to share. Moreover, they need to be able to manage their assets, to value them in an extremely competitive market while keeping a space to create, play live and interact with their fans.

Fragmentation of the value chain

There are thousands of tutorials that describe precisely the technical aspects of the music value chain. Yet few of them directly answer the questions that concern you. There are thousands of studios and musicians offering high quality online services. Few are able to understand your personal vision and provide overall consistency to your project.

Tailor-made Services

Whether you want to get started in music, whether you are looking for artistic consistency for your next project, whether you need help or advice in your creative or administrative processes, whether you are looking to outsource part or all of your project, I put my know-how, my experience and my network at your service to help you reach the goals you have set for yourself.

Find your why

Creating music is affordable, cool and trendy.
Knowing how and why you want to express a message with the help of music is better.
It will helps you to have a holistic approach to your creative journey.

Set up your home studio properly

Good looking home studio is nice.
Taking advantage of acoustics, ergonomics and interior design is even better.
It will optimise your creative process and proper listening conditions will help your sound to “travel” well.

Compose beats conscientiously

Layering samples is ok.
Understanding why some beats are appealing and how some core patterns have fusionend in history and culture to be widely used today, is a must.
It will gives you confidence to create your own great beats.

Compose unique melodies

Improvisation is great and we encourage it.
But learning compositional techniques around concepts like patterns, dialogue, symmetry, harmony, counterpoint is very helpful.
It will gives you confidence to create your own great riffs and phrases.

Design your own sounds

Using sample banks and presets is useful.
Mastering sampling techniques and analog synthesis is a big plus.
It will gives you weapons to design your own sounds and presets.

Develop your own story

Having a track that sounds like… is great.
Learning how psychoacoustics, organology and orchestration play their role in the musical form and arrangement is better.
It will help you to create balanced music, create unity while leaving room for originality.

Perform your music live

Pressing the play button to record your music is ok.
If your thing is electronic music, learning how to set up hardware instruments and controllers to be able to perform and record your music in real time is awesome.
You’ll have the control of every aspect of your music while performing like a musician.

Finetune your creations

Design, record and produce all tracks of your song is awesome.
Having a pro musician, singer, song-writer or melodist to enhance the critical part of your song can bring it to the next level.
It will let your music be as great as you think it deserves.

Get the pro sound

You want to mix and master your tracks, and that’s fine.
But having a team of professional engineers to do the job for you is better.
It will let your music be played by mainstream media and performers.

Let your music be heard by the right ears

It’s great to have a feedback from your family and your friends.
Receiving a feedback from the market movers is priceless.
It will bring your career to the next level as soon as your music get at this level.

Protect your music AND your recordings

It’s very important for your music to be heard everywhere.
Registering your music, your lyrics and your master tracks is critical in an industry driven by metadata.
It will give you the chance to capitalise on your creative work.

Spread your music on the Web3

It’s great to have your music on all major streaming platforms.
Furthermore, minting NFTs, diffusing your music on the web3 and metaverses can be a plus.
You will access to avant-garde communities and investors that can help develop your career.

Collect your royalties from everywhere

It’s perfect to receive your streaming sales back from your distributor.
But it is only a small part. Collecting royalties from the use of songs, neighbours rights, NFTs, crowdfunding in a consolidated account should be the norm.
You get the exact money from your work.

Have a smart admin process

You manage your administrative work yourself and that’s great.
Delegate the administrative work of managing metadata, rights, finances and controlling is an asset.
This allows you to focus all your energy on creating and interacting with your fans.
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