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Patrick Marek - Founder

I believe music can make the world a better place. Aware of its importance in our societies, I treat it with great respect. "Without deviation, progress is not possible." said once F.Zappa. In addition to being a reflection of our society, music must keep its central role in the emancipation and evolution of humanity by deliberately pushing the limits of established norms.

Born in Geneva, lived in Berlin, Vienna and now in Zürich. Started to play guitar at 7, first scene at 10. I Compose music since 1980, produce with computers since 1988. I made my first trance live-act in 1998 in Neuchatel and opened my first pro studio in 1997.
Geneva Music Conservatory Certificate | Geneva High School of Music in classical guitar, music theory, harmony, musical analysis | Faculty of musicology and sociology at the University of Fribourg (historical, theoretical and analytical perspectives of the function of music in society)

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